What the hell is Andy Fossett doing now?

As of right now, Andy Fossett lives in Tokyo and spends most of his time working on GMB and teaching Taido. You can find an archive and sign up for updates here.

🗓️ Here’s what’s up right now:

  • 🎧 Listening to: Just discovered Butcher Brown. Their album #KingButch covers funk, jazz, soul, and hip hop with a really cool vibe. I’ve also had this on repeat in my head almost daily for the past month:

  • 📖 Reading: Read through Quillifer in a couple of evenings and thoroughly enjoyed some pointless comedy. The Fifth Science made me think, though the writing is a littler weak (unlike The Fifth Season, which is both thought-provoking and really well written… guess that’s why it won a Hugo).
  • 🥋 Taido: We’ve had a couple more students join the dojo, but things are still very ad hoc, and it’s hard to make many plans. We’re just taking things a bit at a time and doing the best we can.
  • 💭 Thinking about: Not very sexy, but I’ve been putting a ton of thought into branding and messaging for the company. We’ve been around for ten years now, so things have shifted over time, and it’s been a fun challenge to try and distill things down and cut out the parts that don’t match where we want to take things next. More importantly, it’s given me a lot of time to reflect on how the company represents my own values and personality, as well as some of my weaknesses (which always make me grateful I have partners).
  • 🙇‍♀️ Studying: I’ve got a solid month of weekly Japanese classes behind me now, and I feel like I’ve unlocked a couple of grammatical techniques I’d been missing, which feels great. Also adding new vocab regularly, and it gives me a good reason to use the flash cards app on my phone when I remember to do so.

🧰 Things I’m finding useful:

  • 🖥 Finally bought a sit/stand desk converter to try and limit my time sitting down. Going to set it up in a couple of days and see how I like it. Pretty sure I have the most furniture per square foot of any office you’ve ever seen; I’d take a picture but there;s not even enough space for that.
  • 📽 I’ve been trying to do a lot more video for training and giving feedback internally at GMB, so I’m experimenting with Loom a bit, though I’m still more comfortable with ScreenFlow, since I’ve been using it for so long.

✈️ Travel

  • 🏖️ We took a short trip to Okinawa for “silver week” and spent some time relaxing and playing on the beach. Okinawa reminds me a lot of Hawaii, so always feels a bit like homecoming when I’m there.