Meet me in Tokyo, or just say “hi”

Despite being a bit of a hermit, I do like people in general and would probably enjoy hearing from you. Bonus points if you’re into funk and can slip in some quality dick jokes.

By far the easiest way to get my attention is to @ me on the twatter. If your message has anything at all to do with GMB, you can do us both a huge favor by contacting me through the GMB contact form, where actual professionals get paid to know the best way to help you.

If you’re gonna be visiting Tokyo and wanna meet up or if you just wanna be email penpals, this Bud’s for you:

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  • Send cookies or other gifts ℅ GMB at PO Box 15197 Mill Creek, WA 98082.
  • Fair warning that I’m not a huge fan of email, so my assistant handles most of my replies; a couple times a week, she’ll show me anything interesting/important.
  • For the love of whatever deities you may believe in, do not try to message me on any social media platform besides Twatter unless we’re already friends IRL.
  • Seriously, any messages that are even slightly work-related need to go through GMB if you want a prompt and/or accurate response.

All those caveats aside, I swear to you that I am really a nice and approachable person, so please don’t let any of this discourage you from making contact.